The Wildlife Trusts’ fifth annual 30 Days Wild challenge is in full swing, with Random Acts of Wildness being committed daily. From cuddling a tree and counting the stars, to building dens, making daisy chains and floral cocktails, or sailing in a bark boat and looking for animal tracks, the challenges are simple enough for everyone to try. But why do it?

Because interacting with Nature makes you feel happier and healthier. At the same time, learning about our natural world – what it is, how it works and why – is vital to our understanding of how important it is that we take care of it.

Dr Amir Khan from Channel 5’s GPs behind closed doors says: “Spending time outdoors, enjoying wildlife on our doorstep and in our communities, is free and can benefit our mental and physical health in so many ways. Spend a few moments every day in June taking part in random acts of wildness – notice something new in nature, climb a tree or create space for nature in your neighbourhood. The Wildlife Trusts has lots of ideas and inspiration to help you make the most of the 30 Days Wild challenge. Go Wild.”

“At a time when poor mental health is on the rise and the decline of our wildlife shows no sign of slowing down, 30 Days Wild demonstrates what a much-needed new relationship with Nature might look like, for everyone, throughout the year,” says Miles Richardson, of the Human Resources Research Centre, University of Derby, and co-author of a series of reports evaluating the Wildlife Trusts’ challenge.

Take part in this year’s challenge and Go Wild.

Images, copyright Matthew Roberts, AStJP

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