The horrifying and unedifying pictures of people stripping our supermarkets unnecessarily bare throughout the course of the past week makes me despair. There is now, apparently, some £1bn-worth of food sitting in the storage cupboards of our homes and you have to wonder what is the likelihood that most of it will never be eaten by the hoarders.

A different kind of panic-buying came to light last week when, in the course of doing my usual weekly foodshop, I accidentally picked up a bag of coffee beans instead of some ground coffee. Instead of taking them back, to exchange for the grounds, I decided to use some birthday money to buy the Kilner coffee-grinder I’ve had my eye on for some months now.

Imagine my surprise when the young shop assistant I approached to help me find said coffee-grinder smiled ruefully and told me that they had none left in stock. ‘There’s been a huge rush on coffee machines and grinders in the last couple of days,’ he said. ‘Apparently, now everyone is working from home, people have found they can’t live without a coffee made from the freshest grounds, or the range of coffee-treatments that they’re used to when they go to work.’

Fortunately for me, my local roasterie trades out of a warehouse and at the moment, is able to open up a side door so they can serve customers without them having to enter the premises. Reader, I took my beans up there yesterday and this morning, I’ve enjoyed the floral, pink lady and blueberry notes of my freshly ground washed Gikirima AB beans. My search for a metal and glass coffee-grinder made in Britain will continue but there’s no need to rush.


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