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The smallest things are beginning to annoy me. I want to work in the sunshine as it floods through my sitting room window; it lifts my spirits, keeps me warm and makes artificial light utterly de trop (energy saving bonus).

The problem is that if I sit at the table immediately in front of the window, my back aches (I prefer to work standing up) and the light is too bright for me to see my computer screen clearly, which means I need to lower the blinds. Which cuts out the sun, banishes the sense of joy, and leaves me feeling cold.

The alternative is to find somewhere I can work comfortably at the opposite end of the room, and to leave the blinds up so the room’s ambience and my spirits stay up too. The problem is that that would mean having to move either my standing desk or the table which would, in turn, mean rearranging the entire room to free up space for said piece of furniture.

It took three of us to lift and arrange everything in the first place and none of my helpful family are on hand to help today. Besides, I now remember why I put the table in the window and my desk in another room in the first place; there are no power sockets at the opposite end of this room so to charge my computer I would need to indulge in another logistical exercise that I have neither the cabling nor the will power to resolve at the moment.

Note to self: in the days before COVID-10 (BC), my existing arrangement worked perfectly well and as soon as life returns to a more usual routine, it will again.

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