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+ Litter at Narborough Bog 2 (c) Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust

In the natural world, no detail is too small

Today is World Environment Day but in spite of the fact that we have, in the last two months, achieved unprecedented low levels of pollution and have witnessed a cheering revival in our desire to learn how to live with nature and to garden, I regard the day with mixed feelings. Which is a shame as here in Britain, at least, this year should … Read More In the natural world, no detail is too small


Gardening thoughts in Chelsea week

This week, I should have been madly dashing up and down the avenues of the temporary showground that appears in the gardens of the Royal Hospital Chelsea every May; I should be chasing round Ranelagh Gardens and through the Grand Pavilion, back down Main Avenue and then doing it all over again, to make sure I don’t miss one single delicious detail of the … Read More Gardening thoughts in Chelsea week